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Many women tend to ignore their own health problems.

Many don't have enough knowledge about their health and don't recognize the signs that may lead to different diseases.

Most of them don't have technologies that could help them cope with all different health & well-being data.

With our products we empower women to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Melita Perko


Dusan Plavec

Mechanical engineer with Msc Business Administration, Finance.

Alenka Završnik

Womantrack content coordinator
Bsc organizational sciences, Licenced Beautician in EU, Massage therapist, Doula

Tina Trontelj

Expert content coordinator
Bsc Food Science and Nutrition
Tomaž Kozamernik

Tomaž Kozamernik

Web developer

Gregory Bell

Catalogue Illustrator

Gladys Hawkins

Apparel Designer

Regina Cooper

Dress Designer

Brandon Pena

Support Chief
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We are concentrated on women's health and wellbeing issues.

That doesn’t mean that we embrace just women in our circle. All people, no matter their gender preference, are very welcome to join us. We know that there are fathers, boyfriends and others that want to learn more about women’s health & wellbeing issues.

Welcome all!

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