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At the beginning we aimed to solve just a personal problem – tracking tampon usage. But when we started to study the research about women’s health, Pandora’s box opened.

We are solving two major problems in the area of women’s health:

  • LACK OF TECHNOLOGY that can help women track their health & wellbeing data
  • LACK OF KNOWLEDGE of women about their health

Many deaths and health problems
in women are preventable,

we just need to do more
to empower women to prevent them.

Research shows that currently there is an enormous lack of knowledge of women about their health, especially when we are talking about:

Current education of women is mainly based on:

Who? WE.
When? NOW.
For how long? FOREVER.
Doing what?

Empowering women to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Many women tent to ignore their own health problems.
Awytech team has a passion 
to make a real change in women’s life.
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We are concentrated on women's health and wellbeing issues.

That doesn’t mean that we embrace just women in our circle. All people, no matter their gender preference, are very welcome to join us. We know that there are fathers, boyfriends and others that want to learn more about women’s health & wellbeing issues.

Welcome all!

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